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If you're looking to book a Cambridge taxi & Cab Service, Prehire can help to get you moving. At Prehire, we aim to keep transport efficient, simple, and as easy as possible.

We offer the first-class taxi service that relaxes the stresses of city travel with competitive quotes and fast travelling. To make Cambridge cab & taxi service 100% prefect and comfortable, every hour of the day our professional drivers are at work and our automated logistics managing the fleet to ensure we keep our passengers happy! To book a Cambridge cab and Taxi, use quick and fast app booking system.

Indicative Rates

Chauffeur Driven Service E Class S Class V Class
Cambridge        Heathrow Airport £180 £260 £260
Cambridge        Stansted Airport £85 £180 £180
Cambridge        Gatwick Airport £190 £280 £280
Cambridge        Luton Airport £180 £270 £270
Cambridge        City Airport £160 £240 £240

Hourly Rates

Per hour      Minimum hire 3 hours £30 £40 £40
Daily hire    10 hours / 10 miles per hour £275 £375 £375
Per excess mile £1 £1.50 £1.50
Minimum charge £60 £80 £80